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PointReductionCourse.com is committed to bringing you the best quality traffic school, driver's ed, and defensive driver classes available on the world wide web. We currently service several states, including CA, FL, and TX to list a few. Browse our website to see what classes and other educational products we have to offer in your location.

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This course is provided by TrafficSchool.com, a certified traffic school provider and the country's top choice for fulfilling trafficschool and defensivedriving requirements on the web since 1994.

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Can I Login And Logout Of My Program?

When it comes to a flexible Defensive Driving course in NYS, PointReductionCourse.com has you covered. We permit you to log-in and log out when you wish. Take our New York course all at once or over a bunch of days - as long as you finish within 30 days, it's all good!

Multiple Payment Methods For New York Residents

Paying for your traffic school in NYS doesn't have to cause trouble. We accept payment by check sent in the mail, credit card over the phone, credit card online, or you can even defer your payment until you've tried the course and pay later. We accept the following fine credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

How Long Does New York Defensive Driving Course Take?

Your IPIRP will last at least 320 minutes in length. State defensive driving law requires that all approved defensive driving programs be a bare minimum of 320 minutes long. PointReductionCourse.com abides by this time requirement, thus ensuring that you get a NYSDMV approved course and will be eligible for your insurance rates discount and point reduction benefits.